Kartarpur Corridor dragged into Indian Election Politics.

Kartarpur Corridor dragged into Indian Election Politics.

Kartarpur Corridor has become a bone of contention and is once again in the news but for the wrong reason. The prime minister of India dragged the issue in an election rally at poll bound Rajasthan, in an attempt to take credit on the Kartarpur Corridor and prove the lack of competence of the opposition congress party.

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In his speech he questioned the congress of why the Kartarpur Corridor was not initiated in the last seventy years, and reiterated that he is destined to fulfil the neglects and failures of the Congress. He blamed the congress for letting Kartarpur be in Pakistan during partition and accused them of not knowing the importance of Guru Nanak.

Kartarpur was part of undivided India but when the country was divided, Kartarpur was in the pakistan side of the border. From the day of independence Sikhs in India have been demanding for a easy passage to and fro to Kartarpur. Presently they have to travel all the way to Lahore and again come back near the border to Kartarpur.

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Congress on the other hand tried to counter the prime ministers claim, accusing him of not knowing the proper history of India.

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