“We Have The Mecca And Medina Of Sikhs” says Imran Khan refering to #KartarpurCorridor

"We Have The Mecca And Medina Of Sikhs" says Imran Khan refering to #KartarpurCorridor

“We have the Mecca and Medina of the Sikhs… and we are just opening up those sites for Sikhs,” sais Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan in an event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mr. Khan is on a seven day visit to Dubai as a guest invited by the vice president and prime minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum for the 7th edition of the World Government Summit.

Speaking on the event Imran Khan recalled that Pakistan is the land of the oldest civilizations ranging from the 5000 years old Indus Valley civilisation to the modern age of Sikhism. He assured that Pakistan will open its door for tourism and has already made visa norms easy, even made visa on arrival for tourists from over seventy countries. Around half of the world’s highest peaks are in Pakistan with thousands of Kilometers of coastline, he said. He also reminded that Pakistan is the abode of the most ancient historical monuments, perhaps the oldest in human history.

“We have Peshawar, the oldest living city in the world, 2,500 years old. Lahore and Multan are ancient cities. We have the Gandhara civilisation, which was the cradle of Buddhist civilisation, in the north of Islamabad. The biggest sleeping Buddha, 40 feet, is in Haripur. We have some of the greatest and highest number of Sufi shrines all over Pakistan,” he said.

Having inaugurated the #KartarpurCorridor project in Pakistan, which will give access to Indian Sikhs to cross over the border and pay tribute to the resting place of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, Imran Khan reiterated his commitment to the Sikh community world over to facilitate easy access to the shrine. Earlier in Pakistan he pledged to build a university in Guru Nanak’s name in Kartarpur.

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